Thursday, February 11, 2016

Julia's Cupcake Party

For Julia's 6th birthday she asked to have friends over to decorate cupcakes and so that is what we did! We turned our front dining room into "Julia's Bakery" where her and her friends designed their own chef's hats with stickers and markers, and then decorated cupcakes with frosting and sprinkles galore! It was a fun and very delicious party!

I found this invitation on and it was perfect for her party!

I decorated the party's focal wall with a pendant banner that I had purchased at Walmart along with a poster board cupcake sign I designed for the party.

For the sign, I wrapped our mirror with craft paper and then taped a white poster board cupcake that I had cut out by hand. On the cupcake cutout I glued cherries and the words "Julia's Bakery" that I had cutout of card stock. Finally I used paper streamers to add the stripes to the cupcake wrapper. I really loved how it turned out!

I found balloons in the party's colors at Party City.

Another super fun decor item were the cupcake wrapper garlands. I made these garlands simply by stringing cupcake wrappers on white string.

Finally, I also cutout and designed another large cupcake for the side wall. 

When the girls arrived the first thing they did was they designed their own chef hat. They LOVED this craft. I had previously hot glued cupcake wrapper flowers to each hat which gave them a little additional flair!

I provided markers and stickers for the girls to use to personalize their hats.

The cupcake wrapper flowers are super simple to make. Simply turn a cupcake wrapper inside out. Then take a second cupcake wrapper and turn it inside out but cut this one into a flower shape. Hot glue the cut out wrapper to the first wrapper and then glue on an additional mini cupcake wrapper. Finally, finish it off with a colorful button. The buttons were purchased at Walmart.

My little birthday princess designing her chef hat.

After the chef hats were finished the girls went outside to play while I set up the table for decorating cupcakes! 

Each guest received four cupcakes to decorate. These were then boxed up and part of their favor. Then each girl picked a fifth cupcake of her choice to decorate and eat at the party!

 I baked four different flavors which included: french vanilla, strawberry, orange marmalade and chocolate. Each guest also received their own cup of candy to use to personalize their cupcakes.

I made vanilla, chocolate and strawberry frosting for the party.

The table was also filled with a variety of colorful sprinkles for the girls to use. Sugar, sugar, sugar!

The birthday girl hard at work.

I used Julia's play kitchen as another decorative piece in our front room where we opened gifts and laid out the favors for the girls. 

On the mirror I taped white cupcake liners in the shape of a 6 and then glued a button inside each liner.

For the party favors I purchased these adorable clear cupcake holders for everyone to take their cupcakes home in. Then each guest was also given a mini whisk. Both the cupcake holders and mini whisks were purchase on

Using an already made printable (fond here: Link), I designed this tag, printed it on card stock and taped it to the top of each cupcake holder. The little cupcakes that I tied with pink ribbon to each whisk were also found at the above link.

The cupcake holders now full of delicious treats to take home!

I bought this extra large cupcake at our local Ralphs as Julia's own personal birthday cake.

I think she liked it! :)

Happy 6th Birthday Julia!

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