Saturday, February 8, 2014

Julia's Painting Party

My daughter turned four this month and we celebrated her special day by hosting a painting party for her and her friends at a local pottery store. The theme of the party was "painting" (of course!) and I chose to decorate with primary colors.

We had 12 kids attend the party (including my daughter) and so I set up two tables for the kids to sit at. I decorated these two tables with paint splotches along the center (cut out free hand from construction paper) and bright balloons in the middle (each child took one home). I then laid out bright, colorful aprons at each spot. I had purchased one apron for each child to wear and take home as an added favor (They were purchased from Amazon: link). The aprons are an incredible value for what you get and although they are not super high quality they held up great for the party and were very bright and colorful! As an extra touch, I stenciled on each child's name to the apron using fabric markers.

For the food table I made a "Happy Birthday Julia" banner out of paint swatches that I had cut up and letters I designed and printed. I then decorated the food table with more paint splotches, two paint cans filled with colorful candy (found these paint cans at Micheal's), "paint brush" pretzel sticks I had made and a painters pallet my husband cut out of wood and painted white. On top of the painters pallet we placed bright cupcakes to look like primary paint colors. It was such a fun and a very easy party to put together!

When everyone arrived my mom did face painting for the kids and then we all had lunch together. After everyone had finished lunch, my daughter and each of her friends got to pick a small ceramic piece to paint. The place where we hosted the party, World of Color in Burbank, CA, provided all the ceramic pieces and paint and was a huge help with the kids. After the kid's finished putting their artistic touches on each of their pieces we sang happy birthday and had cupcakes. By then it was time to go home and we sent everyone home with their personalized apron, a paint kit (inside which I had designed and printed a thank you message from my daughter), a "color wheel" lollipop with paint brush attached and a balloon. In a week, each child will be able to take home their ceramic piece as another memory of this fun day!

The invitation I designed

Aprons for every birthday guest

The kids tables

The food/dessert table

A painters pallet filled with colorful cupcakes

The birthday favors