Thursday, February 9, 2017

Emoji Party!

My daughter turned seven this month and asked for an emoji 😊 themed party with her friends. We hosted it at our home and, I got to say, it was such a fun (and easy) theme! 😍 If your son or daughter wants to celebrate "emoji style", I hope you can grab a few ideas from our party. Enjoy! 😁


The decorations for this theme were simple and inexpensive ... every mom's dream! Dollar store is your friend! I found the light blue tablecloths, 3 small emoji ceiling hangings, (3 pack for $1) yellow streamers and yellow paper plates at The Dollar Tree. The dollar store also has emoji plates and napkins which I bought for the dessert. 

The triangle banners were repurposed from my son's 1st birthday (It was a giraffe theme). I was glad I had hung on to those! 

I found helium emoji balloons at Wal-Mart.

My main decoration were these emoji plates. 😂😘😬😊 I cut out emoji faces from construction paper and pasted them on dollar store yellow plates. To create a template just enlarge an emoji in a photo editing program and print it in grey or black/white.

Craft time!

For the craft, the girls made emoji masks. These are simply yellow paper plates, yellow construction paper cut and glued in the middle (so that the kids can draw on the plates) and a large popsicle stick hot glued on the back.

Every girl received a mask and a coloring sheet. This kept the girls busy for about 30 minutes. The coloring sheet you can print here: LINK

Fun bright candy for craft time and to decorate the table!

The finished emoji masks! Super fun and cute!

For dessert we had emoji cupcakes. The cupcakes I ordered from Wal-Mart with vanilla frosting and yellow sprinkles and I then just added the emoji cupcake toppers. 

The emoji cupcake toppers I found at Wal-Mart in the cupcake decorating section. They are made by Wilton. 

The 7 candle and large emoji button were also from Wal-Mart.

My newly 7 year old!

Finally all the girls went home with an emoji beach ball as their favor. They LOVED these balls! You can buy them at Amazon here: LINK

#thank you 😀😁

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